Doodles aren’t really mindless drawings they can tell you how your man really feels about you, says a top handwriting expert. Here are the most common doodles and what they mean, according to Michael Watts, author of “Love Script: What Handwriting Reveals About Love and Sexuality.”

  • Hearts — He tends to hide his feelings, but he’s like a moonstruck teenager over you.
  • Cars — He’s likely to be obsessed with sex, and he’s far more interested in himself than he is in you.
  • Flowers — He’s a sentimental, romantic guy who also loyal and faithful.
  • Hair — If the hair is flowing and free, he’s repressing his feelings. If he draws short or sparse hair, he’s extremely frustrated sexually.
  • Trees — Friendly, warmhearted and affectionate, he finds you irresistible.
  • Eyelashes — He’s a big flirt, but he’s nervous about lovemaking. He also has a feminine side.
  • Lips — He’s a sensual lover. The thicker the lips, the stronger his cravings for you. If the lips are closed, he’s likely to be very considerate in bed. If the lips are parted, he enjoys erotic talk before love making.
  • His own name — Forget him. He’s obsessed with himself.
  • Triangles — He has a strong sexual desire for you and wants more out of your relationship.
  • Food — He has a warm, sensual nature and hungers to spend more time with you.