What A Girl Is Looking For On A First Date


Here’s what a girl is looking for on a first date:

  • The Center of Your Attention — That means no checking out the cute waitress or scanning the television behind the bar for the scoreboard. You can’t go wrong with nodding your head and smiling a lot.
  • Good Conversation — That means let her do most of the talking while you look utterly mesmerized by what she’s saying.
  • Space — It’s way too early to be too touch-feely. You can convey your interest in subtle — not slimy — ways by keeping your elbow grazing, knee touching and hand-holding strictly G-rated.
  • A Plan — What do you want to do? I don’t know — what do you want to do? Avoid this horrible exchange by having a plan of what you’re doing that night.
  • A Goodnight Kiss — Even if a girl doesn’t like you, she wants to know she was irresistible enough for you to want to kiss her.