Top 10 Time-Saving Tips

Here are HealthyWomen’s top 10 time-saving tips:

  1. Make Fridays leftover night. Clean out the fridge and save time and money.
  2. When you’re watching TV, use the commercial breaks to sort laundry, start the washer, vacuum a room, unload the dishwasher or clean off the kitchen counter.
  3. Sign up for free automatic bill-paying services for all recurring bills such as utility bills and the mortgage. Then set up an online bank account for free, one-click payment of all other bills. This not only saves time, but also postage and gas.
  4. Combine as many errands as you can into one outing, grouping them by location and reducing travel time.
  5. Ask for help! Keep a list of your errands and delegate to your spouse, relative or friend if one of them is headed to the same place.
  6. Ride your bike, walk or run to run local errands, eliminating the need to take time to exercise later.
  7. Set a schedule and establish boundaries throughout the day. For example, at the beginning of each conversation, tell others how much time you have available. It’s as easy as saying, “I’m glad you called, but I’ve only got about 10 minutes to chat…”
  8. Make e-mail more efficient. Unsubscribe from all the junk e-mails so the only ones that appear in your inbox are the ones you want.
  9. Take public transportation to work, and use that time to read, update your to-do list or answer personal e-mails.
  10. Set your clothes out the night before. Women who don’t can waste time trying on different outfits or having to iron at the busiest time of the day.