25 Things That They Wish Would Make A Comeback

Things That Are Gone But We Wish Were Still Around


Remember phone booths where people had their conversations in private?

WalletPop.com’s has compiled a list of the top 25 things that they wish would make a comeback. Some of their picks have virtually disappeared, while others may still be around but are becoming more and more rare.

Here are a few on the list:

  • Howard Johnson’s – The restaurant and hotel business that started in 1954.
  • Drive-in Theaters – The very first drive-in theater opened on Tuesday, June 6, 1933, showing the movie ‘Wife Beware.’ By 1958, nearly 5,000 drive-in theaters were in their twilight entertainment glory.
  • Gas Attendants – A state law enacted in 1949 bans self-service gas stations in New Jersey. According to Infoplease, Oregon is the only other state with such a law, purportedly enacted to prevent accidents.
  • 45 rpm Vinyl Records – You may well wonder, especially if you’re under the age of 30, why anyone would want the 45’s to come back. We do think we have one good argument. Buying a 45 was a special experience.
  • McD’s ‘Fried’ Pie – Anyone who grew up in the ’70s will remember the fried apple pie with a tear in their eye that crunchy, processed pastry crust.McDonald’s fazed out these bad boys in favor of the ostensibly more healthy “baked” apple pie sometime around 1992.
  • Cursive Writing – It suggests a degree of attentiveness and respect that a “Wassup” text message can’t match.
  • Full-Size Spare Tire – There was a time not so long ago when all automobiles were outfitted to carry full-sized spare tires. As the automobile import age overtook us and cars were made smaller to facilitate profitable international shipment, everything became much smaller, including the spare tire.