I LOVE Ice Cream And Milkshakes, But…

Here are some interesting milkshake flavors that I found.  Looking at some of these actually make my mouth water!  Would you be willing to try any of these?  

Here’s a bacon milkshake…not sure about this one.

This is a buffalo wing milkshake- complete with celery!

Straight from Japan- a pancake with syrup flavored shake that can be warmed up!

This is just crazy- a chicken nugget martini shake, complete with barbecue sauce.

I’m all over this one- sweet potato milkshake, YUM!!

A caramel corn shake! Now this sounds like something that should be at the fair next year!

A big hit in Asia and South America is the avocado shake. I am thinking this would be a very creamy and mellow shake.

A pumpkin milkshake, sign me up! I love all things pumpkin!

I may have saved the best for last…a beer milkshake!