The Best Times To Do Daily Tasks

According to a new book the best time to buy shoes is on a Wednesday as many retailers offer discounts of up to 40 per cent.

Author Mark Di Vincenzo claims his selection of time management tips will help readers save money, improve their health and make smarter career choices.
In order to write the book the former investigative journalist carried out extensive research studying sales patterns, consumer habits and historical trends.

In each chapter, he covers everything from beauty to pets, cars and children.
Another TIP:  

4pm is the optimal time for Tweeting as this is when most Twitter users are active, meaning companies and individuals can gain maximum exposure.


    GYM MEMBERSHIP Sign up in the summer. Gyms are trying to lure people inside during great weather, and they will lower membership rates in order to do that.
    CAR SERVICING Visit the garage on Monday mornings. Workers don’t want to be late for work on Mondays. If you can take your car in on a Monday, you can get in and out quicker, and some repair shops will offer deals to get business in the door.  
    HAIR COLOR Dye your hair when it’s slightly dirty. Our scalps are covered with a film that protects it, but after you wash your hair, the film is gone, so if you color your hair right after you wash it, the chemicals in the dye can irritate your scalp.
    PROMOTIONS Employees should approach their managers in January. Companies with fiscal years that end in December are less conscious of spending money in January, the start of a fiscal year.
    DOCTORS VISIT Make a 9am appointment. Complications related to anesthesia are four times more likely in the afternoon, when anesthesiologists are more likely to be tired, distracted and stressed out.
    HOUSEWORK Start cleaning at 4pm. In the late afternoon, physiologists say we have more energy and behavioral psychologists say we tend to be in a better mood, so we won’t feel blue at the sight of a vacuum cleaner.
    WEIGHT LOSS You’ll witness greatest success in the winter. Brown fat, also known as good fat, burns calories instead of storing them, and it works harder when it’s cold. Some people gain weight in the winter because they are less active then.
    MOVING APARTMENT December is the best month to sign a lease. It’s cold and dark in December, and many people have lots of Christmas-related errands to run, making it a bad month to move. But apartment managers need to fill vacancies, so you can get good deals on rents and security deposits if you’re willing to move then. 
    LUNCHTIME You eat two meals during the day firstly at 11am and again at 2pm. A growing number of nutritionists and doctors say we should eat four meals a day: a large breakfast, two 300-calorie lunches and a small dinner.
    SCHOOLING You should start teaching your child math at 14 months. Children exposed to numbers that young do better in math in school.