Week One Winner

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We’ve chosen the winner of our caption contest! Congratulations to Terri Powell Wiersma for coming up with a clever caption! She wins a $20 Gift Card to Pizza Ranch, 2 movie tickets to Micon Cinemas, and 50,000 Rewards Points. Here’s her caption: “She wants $100,000 in small bills, or I’m a dead man. We’ll call you from the next phone booth with the drop location…IF we can find another phone booth….”

Honorable Mentions: Tony Arquette: “So, the Superman outfits are in here? Wait, Cora does the book say if we can both be in here to change at the same time?”
“Not sure, though I’m uncomfortable with the glass walls.”

Heather: Doc!! Your time machine worked! We’re back in Pigeon Falls 1972. Now where did you put the extra plutonium??!!

Ashley: Cora says, “I told you we were lost but noooo, you have to be a typical man and up the anti and keep going instead of stopping 20 minutes ago like I told you. Now what’s the name of the place?” Alex: “Shhhh, I’m calling for pizza, what do you want on yours?”