Week Two Winner

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We’ve chosen our Contest Winner of the week!  Check back next week for your next chance to make us laugh!  Congratulations to Jeramy Zwiefelhofer who won a $20 Gift Card to Pizza Ranch and 2 tickets to the Micon Cinemas, as well as 50,000 Rewards Points!  

Here’s his winning caption:

Alex: I thought you said to hell with the map!  So I threw it out the window with excitement!
Cora: I said HELP me with the map!!! That’s it- I’m buying you some ear wax candles!!

Honorable Mentions:

Next time Alex… just play The 2nd Week of Deer Camp so we can get to the next stop!
From: Crystal 
Cora: “Alex, are you sure we are in the right place?”
Alex: “Yes we are in the right place my I phone said that the train station for the Hogwarts Express is right here!”
Cora: “Well it seems like something is missing, I don’t see or hear any trains!” 
From: Tabatha 
178 miles to greenbay…we will never make it for the Packer game like this….I told you we should have drove but no you said the train will get us there faster…WHERE IS THE TRAIN!!!!!
From: Tammy Stephens