Week Three Winner


We’ve chosen our Contest Winner of the week!  Check back next week for your next chance to make us laugh!  Congratulations to Beth Fedje who won a $20 Gift Card to Pizza Ranch and 2 tickets to the Micon Cinemas, as well as 50,000 Rewards Points!  

Here’s her winning caption:

“Davy Crockett was an expert hunter Cora, I’m absolutely sure wearing these hats will help us get the Turdy Point Buck!  REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!”

Honorable Mentions:

My friends won the lottery and all they got us were this stupid coon skin caps. 🙁

From: Julie 


“Hey Cora! Does this hat make my head look FAT?!?” “I don’t know about you Alex, but I know MINE doesn’t!!”

From: Pam

Cora: Something reeeeally stinks, Alex??? Alex: Not me, possibly the dead animals on our head!

From: Sara