(from For some odd reason people seem to have no boundaries when talking to a pregnant woman. Next time you think about asking a pregnant woman an inappropriate question, or rubbing her belly. Ask yourself, would I say or do this to any other person? If the answer is no, then you should probably think twice about what you may say or do. Here are the top things you should never do or say to a pregnant woman!

  1. Rub or feel her belly. Would you go up to a perfect stranger who wasn’t pregnant and touch their belly? No, you wouldn’t. So why do people feel like a pregnant woman’s belly is public property?
  2. “Wow, you’re getting big.” You think? I didn’t notice I couldn’t see my feet anymore. Thanks for pointing that out to me.
  3. “You look ready to pop, I can’t believe you still have (insert time frame here) to go.” Thank you. So what you’re saying is I’m fatter then what I should be?
  4. “You haven’t had that baby yet?” And if she isn’t near her due date, once again you’re just telling her she’s fat.
  5. “Are you sure you’re not having twins?” Of course I’m sure! How would I not know if I was having twins?
  6. Telling labor horror stories. The last thing a pregnant woman wants to hear is how you struggled for countless hours to have your last baby.
  7. “Should you really be eating/drinking that?” What are you, the public nutrition police?
  8. “Was it planned?” It’s none of your business.
  9. “Are you going to have any more babies?” She’s currently expecting one baby and you think she’s thinking about her next one?
  10. “Are you going to breastfeed?” Yikes, once again, another personal question a pregnant woman doesn’t want to talk with the public about.
  11. “Did you take fertility drugs?”