On a budget this Christmas, well who isn’t? And isn’t even more special to make a present yourself?! Get the kids involved and DIY! Here are some great and easy homemade presents.

Kids hand/feet print
Go to your local craft store and buy either poster board, construction paper or a stretched canvas frame. Buy finger paints. And squeeze the paint out and place your child’s foot and hand in the paint then onto the paper. If you have multiple kids do a hand of one child a foot of the other and so on. There are many saying you can stencil onto the picture.

Recipe book
Make copies of all your favorite recipes, buy a binder and place them in there. Decorate the outside of the binder as you see fit.

Snapfish calendar or picture collage
These are my favorite gifts to give. Simply go on and add pictures then you can click on create a calendar, collage, blankets, totes, coffee mugs, etc. The website basically walks you through your creation. Then you pay and receive it in the mail!

Do you knit or sew?
Make a blanket or scarf know someone who just had a baby? Knit a baby blanket

Gift basket
These are very simple to make yourself and a lot cheaper than buying a premade gift basket. Target, Wal-Mart, World Market all have baskets you can purchase. For a wine lover you can put a bottle of white and a bottle of red wine in the basket along with some olives and cheese and crackers. Know someone who likes to bake? Add olive oils, balsamic vinegars, pasta and pesto sauce. The list can go on forever as to what you want to add to your gift basket.

Make your own wine label
Buy a cheap case of wine…. Little penguin, or Trader Joes 2 buck Chuck ( Charles Shaw) are a few cheap but good wines. Go to and create your own photo wine labels. $10 for a set of 9.