How To Get People To See Things Your Way

(National Examiner) Ever wish you could make folks see things your way all the time? Now you can, reveals the author of The World According To You. “People often disagree with us simply because they are turned off by the way they are approached,” explains New York psychotherapist and couples counselor Miriam Bidddelman. “It is not just what we say, but how and when we say it, that can make the difference.” Here are the methods you can use to make people see things your way:

  • No personal attacks. It undermines you. It is better to say; “I think it is too risky to drive in this downpour” than “Only a fool would drive in this weather.”
  • Speak calmly: No matter how emotional things get, raising your voice can be seen as bullying.
  • Restate the opposing opinion: When you say the other person’s view in your words, they may realize how foolish they sound.
  • Acknowledge the merits of another’s position: It will flatter the person and make them more receptive to your viewpoint.
  • Ask what the objections are: if you expose someone ‘s knee-jerk reaction, you can expose their lack of conviction.
  • Postpone: if someone is angry, continue the conversation another time.