When It Comes To Arguing With A Woman….

  • Do not go in for the kill — Allow her to leave the fight with dignity if you know you’ve won. Putting that finishing blow in the fight hurts in the long run.
  • Stay relevant — Stick to the topic you’re arguing about. Don’t bring up unrelated issues. Women can beat you at the memory game, so keep past issues in the past, and stick to the disagreement.
  • Concentrate on the end-result — Decide what you’re arguing about, and what you hope to achieve by the end of it all. When you get there, end the argument.
  • Don’t get personal — Name calling and one-upmanship will not win you any Nobel peace prizes. Women take vulgarity directed at them to heart. Keep your cool.
  • Pick your fights — When it’s not worth it, keep it low-key, or just let it go. Every argument takes 20 minutes away from TV time.