The Color You Wear The Most Reveals Your Personality

When it comes to self-expression, color is primary, says Suzy Chiazzari. To determine your color, just open your closet door — it’s the single shade you wear the most.

  • Orange — Positives: You are nurturing, outgoing, creative, practical, and competent. Negatives: Competitive, restless. Off with orange when you feel confused.
  • Brown — Positives: Honest and down-to-earth, you prefer a structured lifestyle. Negative: You may avoid problems. Down with brown if you need a lift.
  • Green — Positives: You are benevolent and humanistic with a keen eye for detail. Negatives: Overly cautious, untrusting. Give up green when you’re indecisive.
  • Red — Positives: You are physically active and highly motivated — a natural leader. Negatives: Short-tempered, impulsive. Run from red when you’re feeling tense.
  • White — Positives: You are positive, well-balanced, and eternally optimistic. Negative: You may isolate yourself. White’s out when you feel lonely.
  • Blue — Positives: You are an intelligent achiever who feels deeply. Negative: You overreact to extroverts. Bag blue when you’re feeling… blue.
  • Purple — Positives: You are sensitive and intuitive and have high aspirations. Negatives: Arrogant, rude, impatient. Prohibit purple when you feel used.
  • Yellow — Positives: You are an interesting, aspiring, cope-with-anything individual. Negative: You may worry too much. Yellow’s a lemon if you feel vulnerable.
  • Black — Positives: You are strong-willed, disciplined, and independent. Negative: You may lack confidence. Ban black when you need to mingle.