Body Langauage Tells You If It;s OVER


According to body language experts, non-verbal communication makes up about half of what we really mean when we communicate. Relationship expert Laura Snyder says his body is saying “It’s over” long before his mouth forms the words. Here’s some clues:

  1. The Limp Handhold — If you’re not connecting physically – with a firm palm-to-palm handhold, or with your fingers interlaced intimately – it could be that he’s pulling away emotionally. Or that he doesn’t want to publicly cop to being part of a couple.
  2. The Half Hug — A lame embrace signals discomfort. The one-shoulder hug or pulling away can be a sign your mate is distancing from the relationship. And watch out for that little pat on the back. According to body language experts, it’s a sign of uneasiness, indicating your mate is uncomfortable with what he’s doing.
  3. The Listless Kiss — The tongue and lips are there, but there’s something missing. If his mind seems somewhere else – or worst, you catch him scoping the room! – you know he’s distancing himself.
  4. The Evasive Eye — Lovey-dovey couples get lost in each other’s gaze. If you’re having trouble even catching your honey’s eye, it could be a sign he’s avoiding you. And watch where he’s looking when he’s talking to you. According to private investigators, we look to the left when we’re using the creative side of our brains, indicating that whatever he’s telling you is likely to be untrue.
  5. The Fleeing Feet — Where the toes point, the heart follows. When you’re out with other people, look down at your honey’s feet. If they’re pointed at you, you’re in the clear. But if they’re pointed at someone else, your mate may be looking to walk in that direction.