Week Seven Winner

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We’ve chosen this week’s winner for our Caption Contest!  Congratulations to Lori Bradley who won a $20 Gift Card to Pizza Ranch, 2 tickets to the Micon Cinemas, AND 50,000 Rewards Points! Check back next week for your next chance to make us laugh! 

Here’s her winning caption:
Alex: “Hmmmmmm…that penquin looks heavy, Cora!….I could probably give you a hand…..Here, let me hold the umbrella!!

Honorable Mentions:

Itch, itch, itch. That’s all you do is itch. If you had just read the post-it that I’m a Mary Poppins fan and told me you’re allergic to peguins this never would’ve happened!

From: Jen Flanders

Cora: You dont think our co-workers will notice we stole all these random items off their desks do you? Alex (notices the green screen and Cora’s ability to smile under even the most awkward of circumstances):No. I think we should be ok. But if anyone asks, this was your idea, not mine. Oh, and by the way, I was thinking, if this whole radio gig doesn’t work out for you, it looks like you could always have a future as a meterologist. Or maybe even a news reporter. Cora (laughs): That’s more than we can say for you, Alex. I’m sure you could…uh… find a job at a department store, dismembering the mannequins. 🙂

From: Katie Van Dusen