Favorite Dessert Reveals Your Personality

Are you sugar & spice and everything nice? You can tell a lot about your personality just from your favorite desert, says an expert. Here is what your selection of after-dinner treats says about you, according to psychologist Elayne Kahn, co-author of “1001 More Ways You Reveal Your Personality.”

  • Cookies — An on-the-go type, you never waste time and believe that variety is the spice of life.
  • Cake — A people oriented person, you have deep-seated love for your family and friends. You enjoy celebrating and will cook up special occasions as an excuse to have a party.
  • Candy — Still a kid at heart, you are fun loving and enjoy practical jokes. You are agreeable and easy to get along with.
  • Ice cream — Creative and artistic, you also enjoy a good laugh. If you prefer chocolate, you are outgoing and have an inner confidence. If you prefer vanilla, you are likely to be reserved and conservative as well as tidy.
  • Pudding — You are calm and are prepared to roll with the punches. A believer in traditional values, you dislike making waves. You are also very versatile in tackling problems.
  • Fruit — A rugged individualist, you work hard for what you want, never taking the easy way out. You are health conscious and have strongly held beliefs.
  • Pie — You live for the moment and don’t take anything for granted. Good conversation is important to you as is good food.