Three Simple Rules For Talking To A Man

Ladies, want your guy to really listen? Glamour offers up these 3 simple rules:

  1. Whenever possible, start with the punch line, or the end of the story, then go back and fill in more detail (that’s more detail, not every excruciating one). Men focus better when they know what it is they’re listening to. Don’t start with: “You won’t believe what happened at work today. I’m in my office, and I get an e-mail from Jerry saying something funny happened last night and do I have a minute…” Instead, open with the climax: “Jerry told me he wants to have sex with me.”
  2. Go ahead, exaggerate. “This dinner will be a complete disaster unless you buy fresh garlic” is a more likely winner than “Oh, and pick up some garlic.” There’s nothing like the image of a FEMA-level catastrophe to focus our attention on your shopping list.
  3. Use verbal cues. In the midst of a meandering conversation, announce the arrival of the vital info-nugget with, “and here’s the important part, Hugh, the really, really important part.” Or even better, invent a slangy catchphrase, like the ones they use on ESPN: “OK, hoss, the keeper is coming at you.” Add a physical signifier, too — perhaps a tender touch on the arm or, better still, a strong, promising palm somewhere else.