Guys: 8 Ways To Make Yourself Irresistable To Women

According to Men’s Health, here are 8 ways to make yourself irresistible to women:

  1. Plan a big trip you’ve been putting off. A man who is about to go on a trip or just getting back is hot.
  2. Get a $100.00 haircut. Hey man I’m lucky I have hair!
  3. Browse organic markets. Chicks dig guys who hate pesticides.
  4. Become a regular at someplace plush. It will impress a date when you finally get one!
  5. Renovate a room. Ask a hot interior decorator her opinion, and your golden!
  6. Throw a big bash. Hire a D.J., caterer, bartender, invite everyone you know. Expensive, but it can’t hurt!
  7. Read Gabriel García Márquez Novels In Public
    Women figure if you understand Márquez, you can’t possibly be bad in bed.
  8. Donate your time or money. Chicks dig guys who are concerned about their fellow man!