Cues To Tell If The Girl Your Dating Is Really Into You


Guys are so insecure when they first start dating a girl they really like. Here are a few simple cues that show the girl you’ve started dating is really into you:

  • She calls you before going to bed — It’s a pretty intimate thing, talking to someone when you’re lying cozy in your pajamas. You may as well be sharing a pillow.
  • She doesn’t ask you to set her up with anyone — If she’s not bugging you to hook her up with one of your single buds, you may be her point of interest (or you may just have loser friends).
  • She’s stopped saying “I have the perfect girl for you” — She does have the perfect girl for you. It’s her.
  • When you come over, she looks like she’s fixed herself up — You could have sworn when you called she said she was just hanging out, watching the tube. So why (when you stop by a half-hour later) does she look like she’s fresh from the shower and smells so darn good?
  • She gets weird when you talk about other women — When you start giving the details about your date with the dancer you met last week, she’s busy turning her cocktail napkin into an origami swan.