10 Biggest Dating Mistakes People Make On Facebook

1. Your Relationship Status Is Giving Whiplash. There’s nothing more exciting and dramatic than an off-and-on relationship, but constantly flip-flopping Facebook status updates from “in a relationship” to “single” to “it’s complicated” is embarrassing.

2. The Royal “We.” Until Facebook starts a special section for couples, there’s no reason to use “we” instead of “I” for all of your status updates.

3. Hint, Hint, Hint. Using your status update to send someone a cryptic message is creepy. It’s also sending a great message to other dudes — that you’re too immature to be direct and not play games.

4. Look At How Happy We Are!!! A few photos of you and your boo lookin’ lovey dovey are sweet. Entire albums devoted to your picture-perfect love are nauseating. They’re also a pain in the ass to delete when he dumps you for his co-worker.

5. These Are The Mundane Days Of Our Lives. Using Facebook to tell the world what boring activity you’re up to is doubly annoying when you make sure to specify you’re doing it with your honeybunch. Who cares?

6. Too Much, Too Soon. Posting photos of the two of you together two weeks into dating? Yikes. Also, don’t change your relationship status before the two of you have discussed it.

7. RevengeCentral.com. Don’t use Facebook to get back at the person who broke your heart.  Writing accusatory wall notes or tagging photos where they look ugly is just immature.

8. Posting A TMI Status Update. “Best. Sex. Ever!” status updates just mean that you kiss and tell on social networking sites.

9. This Isn’t Couples Therapy. Don’t use Facebook walls to fight or nag each other.

10. Friending Friends Of Boyfriends. Friending someone on Facebook who you are not friends with in real life, just to get into or stay within a dude’s inner circle, is psycho.