Constant Channel Changer

You are always looking for something new, interesting and fulfilling. You are very outgoing and very ambitious.

The Muncher, Who Snacks While Watching TV
People around you consider you a good friend and neighbor.

The Bedtime Viewer, Who Likes To Watch TV Before Going To Bed
You do not take TV too seriously, but do use it to unwind after a long day. You probably have either a dynamic or stressful job and use the TV to relax.

The Fact Seeker, Who Loves News Programs
You are a serious no-nonsense type of person. You use TV to learn and to gather information. Your head, not your heart, rules your life.

Sitcom or Game Show Junkie
You are warm, sociable and love to be around groups of people. You are likely to be involved with an intramural sport team of some sort or some kind of social group, which meets on a weekly basis.

Continuous Viewer, Who Watches a Lot of TV
You have a great need for people and a hunger to be stimulated. You are at your happiest when you are with your friends or family. TV is reassuring to you.

The Planner, Who Plans Out Their Entire Viewing Schedule
You are a good organizer and follow a strict schedule in life. You are a good businessperson and very thorough in everything you do.