Questions From Kids Born In The ’00s

— What are “floppy disks” and what made them flop?
Floppy disks aren’t floppy.   They were hard. And they were basically like external hardrives but without all the fancy stuff.

— What are “land lines?”
Before cell phones, these things existed and kids had to call each other’s HOUSES and risk talking to someone else’s parents.

— What’s a “Walkman”?
It was a thing to play your tapes on.

— What’s a tape?
— What’s “dial-up?”
Once upon a time you couldn’t even be on the phone AND the computer at the same time.  Dial-up is an excruciatingly long internet connectivity process. 

— What are Beanie Babies?
They are little animals stuffed with BEANS, and everyone had, like, 100.

— What’s a “beeper”?
This is a device that let you get notifications when someone was trying to reach you. NO it was not like a cell phone. You had to use another phone to call back.

— What are “Dunkaroos?”
They were a a perfectly packaged cookie/icing combo that you kids will never have the joy of experiencing.

— What is a VHS?
Before all the fancy DVR and “On Demand” stuff that exists these days, there were tapes like these that you put into your TV and they played movies. You could even record your favorite soap operas on blank VHS tapes and save them to watch later.