• It’s official — Jay Leno will hand over the Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon next spring.
  • Movie critic Roger Ebert died yesterday at the age of 70 after a long battle with cancer.
  • So, with Jimmy Fallon moving, who will take over his show? Top rumor says it’s Seth Meyers.
  • Bon Jovi updates — Bon Jovi has put his New York City duplex up for sale to the tune of $42 million and Richie Sambora has dropped out of the Bon Jovi tour because of “personal issues.”
  • “American Idol” hit a new low Wednesday with 3.0 rating.
  • Now we’re hearing that Heather Morris — Glee’s Britney — is pregnant with her first child.
  • May 26th is when “Arrested Development” returns to Netflix with new episodes.
  • Emily Kinney, Chad Coleman, and Sonequa Martin-Green (that’s Beth, Tyreese and Sasha, to you and I) have been upped to series regulars for the next season of “The Walking Dead.” Let’s see how long they last.
  • The USA Network says it might pick up “Happy Endings” should ABC drop it.
  • If you like “Once Upon a Time,” you should know they’re working on a spinoff: “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” is the working title.
  • Coming out later this year: a 60-inch iTV. An Apple television set that comes with a ring you wear on your finger, so you can control the set with finger movements.
  • Lance Armstrong is back,. This weekend he will compete in a Texas swim meet. [I just hope he remembers the rule: No swimming less than 30 minutes after consuming a banned substance.]
  •  FINAL FOUR THIS WEEKEND _ For NCAA men’s college basketball fans, there are just two days of games left: Saturday’s Final Four and Monday’s championship. On Saturday Louisville will play Wichita State and Michigan will play Syracuse…. #1 Louisville vs #9 Wichita State, 5:09pm CT, CBS
    … #4 Michigan vs #4 Syracuse, 7:49pm CT, CBS
  • GUYS LESS LIKELY TO THINK THEY’RE OVERWEIGHT _ A new study reveals many men think they’re leaner than they are. The study showed a quarter of overweight guys guessed their weight range was at least one category less than it was in reality.
  • LEGENDARY FILM CRITIC ROGER EBERT DIES _ Roger Ebert, the legendary film critic, died Thursday. Ebert had been battling cancer for years. Ebert began working as the Sun-Times film critic 46 years ago this week.
  • 52-year-old Susan Tammy Hudson of Kingsport, Tennessee was arrested after tricking her sister into thinking she had killed her husband. Hudson told her sister, ‘Helen, I shot my husband, I’m cleaning up the mess, let’s go bury him in Blackwater’.” But the joke backfired when another relative ended up calling the local police department. Officers arrived at Mrs. Hudson’s home and took her into custody.
  • Everyone freaked out about the job market yesterday, because an ad looking for McDonald’s cashiers in Massachusetts wanted applicants to have a BACHELOR’S DEGREE.  Well, pump the brakes.  The woman who runs the McDonald’s says it was a mistake, and she DOESN’T require people to have college degrees. 
  • The pork and beef industries just announced they’re renaming hundreds of cuts of meat . . . to somehow make the names more descriptive AND less complicated.  A few examples:  “Pork chops” will now have names like New York chops and ribeye chops . . . beef loin top sirloin cubes are now kabobs . . . and pork butt is now a Boston roast. 
  • A new study out of Croatia has found that stretching before you exercise is BAD FOR YOU.  The researchers found your muscles lose about 5.5% of their strength when you stretch, and your explosiveness goes down almost 3%.  They also found stretching doesn’t significantly reduce your chances of getting injured.  Instead, you should warm up by doing stuff like jumping jacks or high leg kicks.
  • IN THEATERS THIS WEEKEND _ Evil Dead (R) and Jurassic Park 3D (PG-13)

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