8 SITUATIONS- Should You Shut Up Or Squeal?

Men’s Health lists eight situations: Should you shut up or squeal?

  • A friend is really bad at his job, and it’s obvious he’ll be fired — Squeal! A good friend would tell him, “Dude, I’m hearing things. You’d better talk to the boss.” An okay guy deserves a heads-up.
  • When drinking, your buddy turns into a jerk. — Shut up! At first. The next time he hits his limit, leave. He’ll give you crap after he sobers up, and you can give him crap right back.
  • You’re undercharged $100 for something — Squeal! Come on, you’re just asking to be hit by a karma delivery truck.
  • Your buddy is financially irresponsible, in debt, and not saving for retirement — Shut up! No man should ever speak to another about how he spends his money. If your bud ask to borrow 10 grand, however, the gloves come off.
  • A co-worker’s padding his expenses — Shut up! He’s a sleaze, sure. But it’s his sleazy business, and if you turn in clean receipts, some bean counter will eventually compare and catch on. Smile then.
  • In a beer-fueled act of lunacy, you kiss your best friend’s girl — Shut up! Except to apologize to her and pry it’s never discussed again.
  • You hook up two friends. She’s into it, but he’s cheating on her — Squeal! To him. “She’s my friend, just like you are,” you should say. “If you can’t do right by her, cut her loose.”
  • The guy at the body shop offers to up his estimate for the insurance company and says you can split the difference — Squeal! Say, “No, thanks. Let’s play it straight up.” The karma delivery truck hits newly repaired cars, too.