Neil Diamond says he’s writing a song inspired by the Boston bombings.

The Backstreet Boys now have their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Country star Glen Campbell, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, will put out one more album, but he will never perform live again, according to his publicist.

Allan Arbus, best known for his role as Dr. Sidney Freedman on “M*A*S*H” has died. He was 95.

So far, Halle Berry’s baby bump isn’t showing enough to keep her from filming scenes for the next X-Men movie.

NBC has canceled the dating series, “Ready for Love,” replacing it with “Grimm” in the Tuesday, 10pm slot.

The White House says it will support an Internet sales tax. Get ready to say goodbye to tax-free shopping on the web.

A home in London has set the record for the most expensive home ever listed there — the equivalent of $375 million.

In Connecticut last Thursday night, a man was caught shoplifting at a drug store. On him — 102 bottles of nail polish.

Over 40-million people were tuned in last Friday night for the final moments of that Boston Marathon bombing manhunt.

Tomorrow is the first round of the NFL draft.

Reese Witherspoon has canceled her talk show appearances this week and will lay low, following her disorderly conduct arrest over the weekend.

Jenna Bush Hager says the birth of her baby was like “a romantic comedy,” starting with her water breaking two weeks before the due date at her baby shower.

Miley Cyrus has been spotted again, running around without her engagement ring.

Former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant Chaz Bono has lost 60 pounds and wants to go for more!

Olivia Newton-John was supposed to do a series of shows in Las Vegas, but has had to postpone it to tend to her sister, who is fighting cancer.

Amanda Bynes was booted from the Planet Fitness in Harlem and had her membership revoked, when she was discovered smoking marijuana in the women’s locker room.

Comedy Central is NOT going to renew “Futurama,” so it’s final new episode will air September 4th.

According to a new survey, the average person breaks the law 260 times a year . . . or five times a week.  The most common laws we break are jaywalking . . . taking ketchup packets from restaurants . . . and taking supplies from work. 

Should your company give you your BIRTHDAY as a paid day off?  In a new survey, 35% of people say the number one day they don’t have off that they WISH they had off is their birthday.  It beat out every other potential extra day off. 

According to a new survey, women think the three sexiest jobs for men are soldier . . . EMT . . . and construction worker.  And men think the three sexiest jobs for women are in sports . . . medicine . . . and hospitality or tourism. 

Believe it or not, Hawaiian Tropic just announced they’re CANCELLING THEIR BIKINI PAGEANTS.  They say 70% of their customers are women, and women don’t like the pageants . . . so the company is getting rid of them.  They’re also going to stop focusing on tanning oil, and start focusing on sunscreen.

In Romania, a 31-year-old burglar recently broke into a house.  But while he was inside, he heard someone ELSE moving around . . . and got worried that it was another, better, MORE DANGEROUS burglar.  So he called the COPS . . . and hid until they showed up.  When they got there, they found it was the family’s CAT that scared the burglar.  He was arrested.