Country singer George Jones died in Nashville on Friday. He was 81.

On the first night of May Sweeps, nearly every broadcast show on Thursday declined from the competition of the 2013 NFL Draft, which aired on ESPN and NFL Network.

Another bump in Justin Bieber’s European tour. Swedish police found illegal narcotics on his tour bus parked outside Stockholm’s Globe Arena, while he was inside performing.

Simon Cowell has his eye on Jennifer Love Hewitt to fill a judges spot on the next season of “The X Factor!”

Race car drive Danica Patrick’s marriage is officially over. The 31-year-old filed legal papers to end her seven-year marriage to physical therapist Paul Hospenthal in January.

Dina Eastwood, Clint Eastwood’s wife, has checked into rehab to tackle personal issues. She’s been married to Clint since 1996, and is being treated for depression and anxiety reports

NBC has renewed “Revolution,” “Chicago Fire,” “Parenthood,” “Grimm” and “Law & Order: SVU.” All were for 22 episodes.

By the way, the season finale of “Duck Dynasty” actually had more viewers in the 18-49 category than “American Idol.” It was the #1 show that night.

Coinstar is thinking about changing its corporate name to Outerwall.

Jessica & Ashley’s parents — Joe and Tina Simpson — have been granted a divorce after 34 years of marriage.

The MLS has said “no thanks” to incorporating goal line technology to help determine if a shot was really goal. (Did it go over the line enough?) However, the World Cup will be using it next year.

Remember last October, when Jason Aldean was caught on camera playing tonsil hockey with “American Idol” contestant Brittany Kerr? It turns out Jason and his wife have now been separated since January.

Billy Currington is in hot water. He may have videotaped himself chasing a 70-year-old tour boat captain along a coastal Georgia creek and threatening to “finish him off.”

MCDONALD’s CONSIDERS ALL-DAY BREAKFAST _ McDonald’s is considering rolling out an all-day breakfast, and possibly delivery. When? Hard to say. McDonald’s president and chief executive says the fast food chain is always considering new options. Breakfast all day is already available in some countries.

MICHAEL JORDAN MARRIES _ Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto were married Saturday afternoon in Palm Beach, Florida. Around 500 guests were at the wedding, then joined another 1,500 at the reception. The specially-built reception ‘tent’ was 40,000 square feet.

22-YEAR-OLD GETS TO TEST WATER SLIDES _ A 22-year-old British university student won a six-month contract to travel around the world as a water-slide tester for a vacation company. Sebastian Smith bested 2,000 applicants for the chance to rate at 20 of First Choice’s SplashWorld resorts.
Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer fell off his bike and broke his shoulder. [He became the latest high-profile cyclist to flunk a drug test.]

FOOT FETISHIST SINCE AGE 6 _ Florida detectives busted an alleged foot fetishist who reportedly told them that since the age of 6 he has approached hundreds of women asking to touch their toes or feet. Twenty-three year old Reginald Cruz said he used such spiels as telling them he was trying to earn a Boy Scout community service badge or that he was a college student doing medical research.

IRON MAN 3 OPENS BIG INTERNATIONALLY _ Iron Man 3 made $195 million in its international debut weekend. That’s $10 million more than the $185 million overseas debut last year by The Avengers, which has become the top-grossing superhero film of all time ($1.5 billion worldwide).

CBS RENEWS TWO AND A HALF MEN _ CBS says it’s bringing Two and a Half Men back next season. The network announced the decision Friday on Twitter.

We’re not sure ANY woman in the world would find this attractive . . . but there’s a company in Australia that’s selling LINGERIE FOR MEN.  It’s mostly pink, filled with lace and bows, and includes teddies, camisoles, thongs, negligees, and even padded man-bras.  The company says they hope this changes the way men look at underwear.

According a study, it doesn’t matter whether a guy is clean-shaven or has a full beard . . . women find both equally attractive.  But a guy is at peak attractiveness when he has HEAVY STUBBLE . . . which is about 10-days-worth of growth.

In New Jersey, police just busted a 35-year-old woman for pretending her nine-year-old son had CANCER to raise $3,500 in donations.  And to make things worse, she LIED to her son and TOLD HIM he had cancer, to help sell it.  She’s facing a ton of charges

Earlier this month, a 51-year-old woman in South Carolina was arrested after investigators figured out she’d called 911 at least 100 times in the past seven years with fake illnesses . . . just to get free rides to downtown Charleston.  She’s been charged with unlawful use of 911 and filing a police report.  She’s on Medicaid, so she didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket for the rides.

Prisoners are reviewing prisons on Yelp.  Needless to say, the reviews generally aren’t great.