Michael Jackson’s mom is suing the organizers of what would have been his “This is it” concert tour and is asking for $40 billion on behalf of the late singer’s children.

Twinkies and Ho Hos are on the way back. The new Hostess Brands said Monday that it will open bakeries in Indiana and Illinois, following announcements last week that it will reopen bakeries in Georgia and Kansas.

While the NBA playoffs are already underway, Hockey’s Stanley Cup playoffs begin today.

Alan Wood, who is credited with providing the flag that the Marines raised at Iwo Jima in that famous photo, died last week at the age of 90.

Saturday night, 500 fans squeezed into the 500 Echoplex in LA to hear… the Rolling Stones do a practice gig for their upcoming tour. Fans had to sign up for a lottery and then the 500 lucky winners got to pay $20 to get in. Johnny Depp, the Olsen twins and Gwen Stefani were among the celebs who got in.

Michael Jordon married 35-year-old ex-model Yvette Prieto on Saturday. Among those attending the wedding: Tiger Woods, Spike Lee and Patrick Ewing.

Jason Aldean and his wife Jessica Ussery have split. The country star, 36, filed for divorce from his estranged spouse on April 26, according to People magazine.

The “Jersey Shore’s” fist-pumping star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is taking a break from the party life, after he was hospitalized for Kidney Stones, Us Weekly reports.

CBS has renewed “Two and a Half Men” for one more season.

Ashton Kutcher got into a violent shoving match at the Stagecoach Music Festival over the weekend in California. No arrests, but it got physical.

George Jones’ funeral will be very public — this Thursday, 10am, at the Grand Ole Opry.

Apple is said to be working on a cheaper version of the mini-iPad that will sell for between $200 and $250.

SAY THANKS TO YOUR HAIRSTYLIST _ Today is Hairstylist Appreciation Day.
Iron Man 3 doesn’t open in the U.S. until Friday but it opened globally this past weekend, raking it a whopping $195 million. [In this latest sequel Iron Man comes face-to-face with his worst childhood fear — refrigerator magnets.]

DAD IN INDIA CHARGED AFTER 9-YEAR-OLD SON DRIVES FERRARI _ A man in India has been charged with endangering the life of a child after police say he let his nine-year-old son get behind the wheel of his Ferrari. A YouTube video filmed by the boy’s mother shows the boy driving the red F430 sports car while another young boy sits in the passenger seat.

OLD UNDIES _ Ladies, if you’re like your British cohorts, then your underwear drawer is filled with bras and panties that you can’t fit into or don’t even wear. One in 10 British women are hanging on to bras and panties that are between six and 20 years old.

SLOW SERVICE FOILS ROBBERY AT WENDY’S  _ Police in Longwood, Florida, are searching for a man who tried to rob a Wendy’s but ran off because employees were taking too long.

Weather is the ULTIMATE form of boring small talk . . . and a new survey says we end up talking about it for an average of eight minutes and 21 seconds a day.  That adds up to almost five full days a year, or 10 full months of your adult life.

A lot of studies in the past have found people’s happiness peaks around $75,000-a-year . . . because more money doesn’t change things.  Well . . . a new study says that’s just NOT TRUE.  More money DOES mean more happiness . . . and there’s no point where having more money stops affecting your sense of wellbeing or your happiness.

According to a new study, second marriages are much less likely to end in divorce than first marriages.  The study found that 45% of first marriages end in divorce, versus 31% of second marriages.  The theory is that you’ve had time to figure out WHY your first marriage failed, so the next time around you find someone you won’t have those same problems with.

The fastest growing plastic surgery procedure in this country is . . . the UPPER ARM LIFT.  That’s when you deal with flabby upper arms, and it involves lipo, skin removal, or both.  In 2000, about 300 women got their upper arms tightened . . . last year it was up to 15,000. 

A 97-year-old holocaust survivor in New York has died, leaving behind a $40 million inheritance to . . . nobody.  It’s the biggest unclaimed inheritance in the state’s history. 

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