Here’s How To Tell If You’re Really In Love

When entering a new relationship, here’s how to tell if you’re really in love with that person, according to German psychologist Dr. Herbert Freudenburger.

  • You give thanks every day. You’ll find yourself in a perpetually good mood. Little annoyances will not bother you as much.
  • You let your guard down and feel free to be yourself. When you’re infatuated with someone, you go out of your way to present just the right image of yourself.
  • You enjoy giving and sharing. You’ll feel real joy giving that special someone little gifts or cards and sharing special moments.
  • You notice a shift in your attitude toward single life. Going to a big party on your own isn’t fun anymore. Flirting with the opposite sex isn’t as exciting.
  • You can’t imagine being with anyone else. You stop looking at other single people as potential dates and realize that no one compares to your new love.
  • You enjoy physical affection more.