Men Vs. Women- A Different Point Of View

I found this blog posting and thought it was a very interesting perspective.

We have heard it in the past that women have a harder road to stardom in country music then men. It seems that women are also judged harsh too in personal matters.

This is a posting from Erin on Twitter. She is not happy over how Jason Aldean is not getting scrutinized more over his incident recently:

So I love Jason Aldean as much as anyone, but it’s so interesting to me that someone like LeAnn Rimes had an affair and she’s still being criticized for it YEARS later, after she’s married her current hubby. Jason gets all suspect with his behavior and everyone is all ‘it’s none of our business.’ I agree, it’s not, but ppl talk anyways bc they’re in the spotlight. And if anyone thinks what Jason did was a one time thing or no big deal, I think you need to open your eyes. Divorce is not easy, just an observation over here. I like him, a lot, but I feel bad for his soon-to-be-ex wife and I think it’s wayyy interesting to read everyone’s thoughts on this as opposed to a woman like LeAnn.”

During the ACM Awards, I was in the audience and over heard the disgust of other women not wanting Taylor Swift to win Entertainer of the Year. So much so that I was happy Luke Bryan won as I would have feared my safety. Ok I may be slightly exaggerating but not by much. I heard them call Taylor a “B*&ch” and said that they would “swear of country music if she won”.

In my humble opinion, Taylor was more deserving than Luke if for nothing else then her charitable acts, which is all part of the description in the award nomination.

Are women having a tougher time because other women seem to be growing tired of the “I am strong, hear me roar” era?

Here is another interesting point. Taylor’s only appearance on the ACM Awards show was singing the hook to Tim McGraw’s latest single, ‘Highway Don’t Care.’

In my observations, those same women who crudely disliked Taylor concerning the award was singing the hook that she prominently sings on the song: “I don’t want to live without you baby.”

It just proves that the power of the song is most important, in my eyes. How about you?

Lon Helton during the after party, made a good point too that is endearing to Taylor. Not too many “superstars” would sing backup and appear on stage with no lighting.

This makes Taylor Swift an even bigger star and deserving of a woman being in the front spotlight even more.