Chris Kelly, half of the 1990’s rap duo Kris Kross (“Jump”) has died at an Atlanta hospital of an apparent drug overdose. He was 34.

Keith Richards says he doesn’t own an iPod. The Rolling Stones guitarist says he isn’t a fan of the ultra-popular music device.

There are reports that claim Jennifer Aniston plans her schedule around what her ex, Brad Pitt, and his partner are doing. Aniston has supposedly delayed her wedding to Justin Theroux because Pitt and Angelina Jolie are taking forever to have their own wedding, and Aniston doesn’t want hers to overlap.

Lindsay Lohan began her 90-day court ordered rehab stint yesterday in Newport Beach, CA. It looks like this time, she plans to stay — she brought along 90 outfits.

Grateful Dead members Bob Weir and Phil Lesh formed a new group called Furthur. They’ve had to cancel a concert next week in California after Weir fell during a concert last week.

“Glee” star Mark Salling (Puck) has filed new legal docs against the a former Playboy model, claiming she broke onto his property, beat him up and scratched his car.

“Storage Wars” has dropped three of its cast members as the result of a lawsuit against the show and A&E.

Last year, Tori Hunter’s teenage son was accused of sexual assault. He was later cleared of the charges and now, he’s suing the families of the two girls who accused him for $40 million!

Gary Carr will become the first black character on Downton Abbey when it returns for its fourth season.

THIS WEEKEND– Saturday is 139th running of the Kentucky Derby. Sunday is Cinco de Mayo.

A elementary school in New York City has become the first public school in the city to go completely vegetarian. [Goodbye mystery meat. Hello imitation mystery meat.]

TWITTER HAPPINESS _ A team of researchers (University of Vermont and the Mitre Corp.) have found a way to gauge Twitter’s overall happiness. Their hedonometer tool tracks the joyfulness levels on a chart. As to be expected, there are clear spikes on holidays and notable dips in moments of tragedy.

McDONALD’S THE MOST VISITED BUSINESS IN THE US _ A new study (from Placed) found that McDonald’s, Walmart, and Subway are the three most-visited businesses in the United States for Americans 14 or older.

IT’S SEXY TIME! _ We’re getting close to your ‘sexy’ time of year, ladies. A survey found women feel their sexiest during the summer months. The happiest time of year for 83% of women is between June and August. Sunshine is being credited for bringing out the smiles.

MAN STRIPS NAKED IN 7-ELEVEN _ A 20-year-old Florida man stripped naked inside a Daytona Beach convenience store after telling officers that he was a monkey.

IRON MAN 3 COULD CROSS $600 MILLION WORLDWIDE BY SUNDAY _ The well-reviewed Iron Man 3 has opened across North America (midnight shows). Before it did it had already amassed $307.7 million in foreign ticket sales. By the end of this weekend Iron Man 3 could cross $600 million worldwide.

This Sunday is Cinco de Mayo.  Here are five things you probably don’t know about it:  It’s not Mexican Independence Day . . . it celebrates a victory over France . . . it’s more popular in the U.S. than it is in Mexico . . . it’s also popular in Malta . . . and in Chandler, Arizona they celebrate by racing Chihuahuas.

For the month of May, Domino’s is testing Domino’s Live, where you can see pizza being made on a live web cam feed.  It’s only at a Domino’s in Salt Lake City, Utah, and they haven’t said whether they’re expanding it.  But they promise it’s live and uncut . . . and you can choose from five different camera angles. 

Bellingham Christian School in Washington doesn’t have school today . . . because the weather is so nice.  The forecast was for sunny, 70-degree weather, so the principal sent a note home earlier in the week saying the kids should stay home and enjoy the sun.  It’s because the school didn’t use any snow days this winter, so they had a few days off to spare. 

A guy in New Hampshire got caught on surveillance tape stealing a grill from the front porch of a thrift shop this week.  But he says he thought it was okay . . . because the name of the store is ‘Finders Keepers.’  He took a DVD player a few weeks ago and got away with it . . . so he went back this past weekend to get the grill.