Lindsay Lohan was supposed to begin her 90-day rehab stint last Thursday. Actually, she did start it… but then, within hours, removed herself from the facility because she didn’t like it.

The combo of CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men” doubled “American Idol” in the ratings on Thursday night.

Kanye West keeps tweeting about June 18th, which has everybody thinking that’s Kim Kardashian’s due date.

China has broken up a crime ring that was selling rat meat as lamb.

Hotmail is now officially dead. All of the accounts have been migrated to

Saturday was “Free Comic Book day” (always the first Saturday in May).

Cory Monteith and girlfriend Lea Michele have been spending his first week out of rehab up in Vancouver, B.C. with his family.

The Kentucky Derby was Saturday. [If you DVR’d it and haven’t watched it yet, I don’t want to spoil it. I’ll only say it was won by a horse.]

BEER DRONES TO DELIVER BREW TO CONCERTGOERS _ Thirsty music festivalgoers in South Africa this summer may be able to get beer instantly delivered to them with drones. During the OppiKoppi Music Festival, attendees can order beers from their phones to be delivered to the event’s campsite. The beer-equipped drones will swoop down and deliver beer via parachute to the appropriate customer.

PIZZA RECEIPT SHOWS HOCKEY GAME FORCED CANCELED PICK-UP _ The latest hilarious receipt to go viral comes courtesy of Vancouver’s rabid hockey fans. A picture of the receipt, posted to Reddit Saturday shows what happens in Canada when a hockey game gets too close to call. The receipt, originally for one large pizza for pick-up with extra chicken, was cancelled out and turned into a delivery because “canucks have tied game, [customer] cannot leave house to pickup.”

EARLY EARTH SMELLED LIKE ROTTEN EGG _ If you think that Early Earth, without industrial pollutants from humankind whatsoever, smelled fresh and natural, you’d be in for a rude and stinky surprise. Scientists have determined that billions of years ago, Earth smelled like rotten eggs.

IRON MAN WINS BOX OFFICE _ Iron Man 3 flew past opening weekend box office expectations by bringing in more than $175 million Friday-Sunday. In less than two weeks Iron Man 3 has hauled in over $680 million, including over a half-billion dollars overseas.

… Opening Friday: Peeples and The Great Gatsby.

If you’re fat in your 40s, look out! People who are obese in middle age are more likely to experience a more rapid mental decline, including memory loss, than their friends who are of normal weight.

Gray hair might not exist in the near future:  Scientists in England have figured out a topical solution that stops hair from going gray . . . and even gets it back to its original color.  It’s not a dye, it literally fixes your hair follicles.  But there’s no word on when it could go on sale.

In England, a psychologist says he’s perfected a technique where he can make women’s breasts grow up to THREE cup sizes . . . through hypnosis.  Quote, “The mind controls the body, and if you know how to work with the mind you can get it to make changes in the body.”  He charges $1,400 for the breast-enlarging hypnotherapy.