“American Idol” is thinking about Harry Connick Jr. and that he might help their ratings slump.

The cancelled series “Cops” is moving from Fox to Spike reports TV Guide.
Aerosmith has canceled a concert in Indonesia because of security concerns. Authorities just foiled another big bomb attempt.
A new survey found that 49 percent of Americans think movie trailers give too much away about the plot.
Honey Boo Boo fans — Mama June and Sugar Bear held a wedding and exchanged vows. We don’t know if that’s actually the first time they got married, or they were just renewing their vows. The show returns to TLC on July 17.
Beekeepers came and removed 60,000 from the eve of a cabin in Utah.
Lyrics to one of Lil Wayne’s songs have cost him an endorsement deal with Mountain Dew.
That Utah referee that was punched in the face by a 17-year-old soccer player has now died.
Britney Spears and her family have evacuated their home, just to play it safe, to avoid those California fires.
Keira Knightley married her boyfriend over the weekend in the south of France.
Katy Perry’s preacher dad is touring churches, calling her a “devil child” and asking people to pray for her.

THANK A TEACHER _ Today is National Teachers Day.
A new report says that nearly one out of every two American consumers visits McDonald’s in a month. [That may be a little misleading. Some of those are the same people coming back because they forgot the ketchup.]

DON’T SHOP WHEN YOU’RE HUNGRY _ A new study offers evidence to support what many people have learned for themselves: never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Researchers found that people who hadn’t eaten all afternoon chose more high-calorie foods in a supermarket than those who were given a snack just before food shopping.

THE NO. 1 REASON WE GO SEE A MOVIE _ What is the No. 1 reason we go see a certain movie? The trailer. Yep, the juicy previews that sometimes reveal the only parts of the movie worth watching. Either way, we love trailers. Nearly 50% of us say that’s why we see a movie, while 46% go off a friend’s recommendation.

SAN FRANCISCO BANS URINATING, DEFECATING IN SUBWAY – San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) riders will no longer be allowed to urinate or defecate on trains or on train platforms. Transit police will now issue “prohibition orders” against repeat offenders, which ban a rider anywhere from 30 days to 1 year.

TOM CRUISE RETURNING FOR MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 _ Mission: Impossible 5 is a go. Tom Cruise has just signed to return for the fifth film in the blockbuster franchise, confirming rumblings that began after 2011″s Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol was a massive hit.
Last week in Pennsylvania, a 21-year-old woman rear-ended a 76-year-old driver.  Her speech was slurred and she seemed out of it, and when cops found her to-do list, it explained why.  The items on the list were:  Chicken breast, German potato salad, Pepsi, Xanax, cocaine, get high, and muscle relaxers.  Charges against her are pending. 
According to a new survey, the most stressful number of kids is . . . exactly THREE.  Mothers with three kids stress out more than moms with one or two kids . . . but also stress out more than moms with four or more. 
Apparently, the best way to clean your kid’s pacifier is . . . to LICK IT CLEAN.  Researchers found that when parents licked or sucked pacifiers instead of washing or boiling them, that extra germ exposure helped their kids.  Those kids had fewer allergies and lower rates of eczema and asthma.
According to a new study, you share more bacteria with your DOG than you do with your spouse.  And dogs share more bacteria with their owners than they do with other dogs.
A new study figured out the connection between names and salaries, and found that the ideal name is FIVE LETTERS long.  For every letter more than that, it costs you an average of $3,600-a-year.  The women’s names with the highest pay are Lynn, Melissa, and Cathy . . . and the men’s names with the highest pay are Tom, Rob, and Dale.