New Trend: MOM Caves

If dads can have their “man caves,” then moms should also have a place to retreat and relax, right? Enter the growing mom cave trend. The trouble is, most advice on putting together a mom cave centers on carving out a tiny space: a window seat, a shared room, even a closet! Say, what? Men get entire rooms, a run of the basement or that second garage and women get a nook? Here are some mom cave ideas:

  • Man cave theme: Cigar lounge or tailgate party. Mom cave theme: Hamptons beach retreat.
  • Man cave seating: Leather recliner. Mom cave seating: Velvet loveseat.
  • Man cave diversions: Darts. Pool. Air hockey. Mom cave diversions: Magazines. Crafts. Yoga mats.
  • Man cave drinks: Full bar with a beer keg. Mom cave drinks: Juice and wine bar.
  • Man cave tech: Flat screen. Sound system. Sound proofing. Mom cave tech: Flat screen. Sound system. Sound (toddler!) proofing.

Don’t forget enforce the zone. This is a mom cave we’re talking about here, so a deadbolt might come in handy.