It’s that niggling thought in the back of many a woman’s mind. He vows he will always be faithful — but will he? Most women think like this: “Yes, I know it’s a possibility, but it won’t happen to me.” Wake up! You need to understand the odds. While anyone can cheat, it’s easier for some men to be unfaithful than it is for others. Here is a profile of a potential cheater:

  • He travels for work.
  • He is handsome.
  • He has a magnetic attraction to women.
  • He has a strong sexual appetite.
  • He wants to have sex every day, maybe even more than once.

According to eHarmony.com, there are three factors increase the odds a man will stray sexually in a relationship:

  • His ability to convince other women to sleep with him.
  • His opportunity to cheat.
  • His sexual energy.

Be honest with yourself and evaluate how your man rates when it comes to these three factors. Of course, it’s no guarantee of how he will behave in the relationship, but you’ll have a better sense of the odds. Then start the tough conversations that may just prevent infidelity.