Because there’s not enough bacon in your life already, Oscar Mayer has introduced Bacon Hot Dogs.

Eminem’s special guest on his next album? We’re hearing it’s Chris Rock.

Venezuela is experiencing a toilet paper crisis. They’ve had to import an emergency 50-million rolls to help out.

David Beckham says he’s retiring from soccer after the season.

Saturday’s Powerball jackpot will be worth at least $475 million.

Rough week for Kanye West, capped off by his $750,000 black Lamborghini Aventador that baby mama Kim Kardashian bought him for his 35th birthday being dinged by the metal security gate at her house.

LeeAnn Rimes thought it would be nice to send flowers to Brandi Glanville, the mother of her stepkids. A cold, terse response followed: “Our relationship is that we still don’t even say hi.”

Oops! The other night, while Martha Stewart was on the “Tonight Show,” she accidentally called Jay Leno, “Dave.”

Go to and enter the words, “Beam Me Up.”

A new study claims that the more physically strong a man is, the more likely his politics lean to the right.

Early on Tuesday, a drunk guy in his 20s went to a McDonald’s in Ireland and tried to sit in a HIGH CHAIR.  After he squeezed himself in, he got STUCK.  Three cops had to come pull him out.  No charges will be filed.

A man facing foreclosure in Illinois found an old lottery ticket at home . . . and it turns out it was a winner, so he just got $4.85 million richer. 

A new study says that drinking beer after strenuous physical activity helps the body retain liquid better than water. The study, said the bubbles in beer can help quench thirst and the carbohydrates in the beverage can help make up for burned calories.