In Georgia, there’s a battle going on between the governor and atheists. The governor believes the state has the right to have Bibles placed in government-run vacation cabins.

NBC’s “The Office” took its final bow on Thursday with a 75-minute series finale, which drew a season-high 3.0 rating, while Fox’s “American Idol” ended its 12th season with a 3.6, just a little more than half of last year’s finale rating.

The I.R.S. softball team canceled their scheduled game against a Republican softball team, because of the tension between the two right now.

In Kennewick, Washington, a woman had her car stolen. Then, while at McDonalds, she noticed it going through the drive-through window. She called police and they got the guy as he was leaving.

A painting of the late “Golden Girl” Bea Arthur — topless — sold for $1.9 million, even though she never posed for it. All in the painter’s mind.

Microsoft stock is at its highest value since 2007 and Bill Gates is, once again, the world’s richest man.

For the record, Eminem wasn’t recently stabbed. That was just a a Facebook hoax.

Former NASCAR driver Dick Trickle ended his own life last week. He was 72.

A Chinese construction company says they’re going to build the world’s tallest building. They’ll begin on the 2,749-foot structure next year.

A Chicago area man, facing eviction, found some old lottery tickets he had bought months before in a cookie jar, took them in and won $4.85 million!

Singer George Michael received minor injuries when he was a passenger in a car crash the other day.

According to a new survey, one in five people hide money from their spouse.  Women are slightly more likely than men to do it . . . but when men do it, they stash more money.  One in 10 people say they haven’t told their partner how much they make . . . and one in 30 have LIED to their partner about their salary. 

In London, a 33-year-old woman says her career in science has been ruined . . . because she’s TOO GOOD LOOKING.  She says when she was working as a scientific researcher, her male coworkers just hit on her and her female coworkers didn’t like her . . . so she ended up quitting her job. 

Last week, a tornado ripped through Granbury, Texas . . . and destroyed or badly damaged 58 of the 61 homes that Habitat for Humanity has built there.  No natural disaster has EVER wiped out more Habitat homes in one shot.  Six people died in the tornado, but it could’ve been WORSE if Habitat hadn’t built all those homes there to replace flimsier mobile homes. 

Last month, a 19-year-old college student in Georgia didn’t want his parents to find out he was failing English.  So . . . he FAKED his own KIDNAPPING.  After eight days, he went home, but kept up the lie.  The police eventually sorted it out and now he’s facing several felony charges.

The new ‘hot’ dessert is supposedly the Cronut . . . a half croissant, half doughnut.