10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend

One second everything is going fine and the next, your words are hanging in the air like a stale, dank fart and she is giving you a look that could kill a puppy. AskMen.com says most guys can handle the extended stay in the doghouse that usually comes from these brain cramps, but when those silences and glares start to affect important things like your sex life. Here are ten of the most common things guys just shouldn’t say to their girlfriends:

  1. She’s hot!
  2. My ex would…
  3. Your friend is a bitch
  4. The “C-word”
  5. I’m not good enough for you
  6. If you really loved me you would…
  7. You are just like your mother
  8. I’m not in the mood
  9. I don’t like that [piece of clothing]
  10. Don’t get so emotional!