Once Kim Kardashian has had her baby, Playboy magazine has already let it be known they’d like her to pose.

Kate Moss is modeling totally nude for St. Tropez, promoting its line of self-tanning products. In two of the shots she is wearing a cleavage-revealing bathing suit, but in one shot, she’s in the buff.

Katie Couric is denying those rumors that she’s about to give up her talk show and head to CNN. Not that CNN couldn’t use it.

Jane Lynch and Lara Embry have announced that their 3-year marriage is officially over.

Amazon experimented with grocery sales in Seattle. Now that they have the bugs worked out, they’re going to take on Los Angeles and offer “Amazon Fresh.” Groceries delivered to your door.

Rough patch for former Journey singer Steve Perry. He lost his girlfriend to cancer last December. Now, he’s undergone several surgeries to get rid of melanoma on his face. He says he believes they’ve gotten it all.

The new Kings of Leon album, “Mechanical Bull,” will come out on September 24th.

Jerry Bruckheimer says it’s his goal to make a sequel to “Top Gun” and Tom Cruise will be in it. We’ll see.

With all the news about government spying, maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that sales of the book “1984” at Amazon are up 69%.

Gamblers are having a heyday in the UK. Will Kate Middleton have a Caesarean or a natural birth? Will the baby’s hair be “ginger,” like Uncle Harry, or blonde like late grandma Diana? Will the baby be named something like — say, Elizabeth or George — or will the hip, young parents choose a more unique name? And, perhaps most importantly, will the baby arrive before or after Princess Kim Kardashian’s new bundle of joy?

Sony unveiled its next generation console priced at $399 on Monday, undercutting its rival Xbox, which had been launched just a few hours earlier, by $100.

Dierks Bentley and his wife are expecting their third child and they’ve found out it’ll be a boy.

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, is getting up there in years and so he’s being more honest. For example, during a taping for Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards, he announced that “Tang sucks.”

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell is being treated for cancer. He has Hodgkin lymphoma and has been in chemotherapy for two months, with four months of treatment remaining. He’s still hoping to tour this summer.

“Man of Steel” hasn’t even hit movie theaters yet and they’re already talking about a sequel.

WHAT DOES THE NEW LADY A. SONG SOUND LIKE? _ Brandon shot us an audio comparison. The new Lady A. sounds like a John Mayer tune. What do you think?

That NSA whistleblower was staying in a Hong Kong hotel but checked out and then disappeared. [But not before exposing the hotel’s practice of jacking up the prices on the items in the minibar.]

ARE SEPARATE BEDS THE KEY TO A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP? _ Want a good night’s sleep? It could be time to sleep apart from your spouse. There is a lot of evidence that sleeping apart is gathering popularity — at least in the U.S. The National Association of Home Builders says it’s expects 60% of new homes to have dual master bedrooms by 2015.

101-YEAR-OLD RECEIVES HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA _ Pearl Russ finally had her dream come true. Only making it to eighth grade, she always wanted to get her high school diploma. So Wheatland Manor Care Facility where she lives in Iowa decided to give her a graduation ceremony. Russ — who’s 101 — even got to dress in complete graduation attire.

KATE UPTON (MAYBE) DATING MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY _ Kate Upton is dating Dancing With The Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Upton, who just turned 21, is reportedly dating Maks. Neither star has commented on the relationship yet but several sources say that the two recently started a romantic relationship. A friend of Upton’s says they are “just friends.”

DUCK DYNASTY CHRISTMAS ALBUM IN THE WORKS _ Can’t get enough of Duck Dynasty’s Southern-fried home sense? Your favorite A&E redneck millionaires are coming out with a Christmas album. Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas hits stores October 29. The whole family is going to be involved. It’s being described as a “kind of a variety show-style music CD.”

There’s a new diet called the BOREDOM DIET that says you can lose weight by eating nothing but MAC AND CHEESE . . . or any other delicious food you love.  All you have to do is eat NOTHING BUT that food.  In a study, researchers found after just one week, people got bored of the food and were eating about 100 calories less per meal.

It’s been 15 years since JARED FROM SUBWAY started losing weight.  And now, his net worth is apparently up to $15 MILLION.  He’s never had any other job in his life . . . all he’s ever done is travel around promoting Subway.  But he’s worth it to them.  Since he became their spokesman their sales have gone from $3 billion a year to $11.5 billion. 

Last April, in Germany, a bank clerk fell asleep at his desk.  His hand landed on the “2” on his keyboard and he accidentally transferred 222 million Euros into a customer’s account.  That’s almost 300 million U.S. dollars.  The bank fixed the error and got the money back, but the guy’s supervisor was fired.  A labor court just ruled she only should’ve been reprimanded, not fired, and ordered the bank to re-hire her. 

Banks made $32 billion in overdraft fees last year.

shooting range in Texas lets you fire at targets with automatic weapons from a HELICOPTER.  But some neighbors aren’t happy about it.

Now expecting dads can get the pregnancy belt . . . it replicates your baby’s kicks, in real time, from the mom’s belly.