Happy Father’s Day!- Some “Dad” Stuff!


 According to a survey conducted by Spike TV, more and more guys are turning to their MOTHERS when they look for advice on how to be a good dad.

 The fatherhood study revealed that today’s dads are doing more than ever before, taking on roles and activities that used to be taken care of by the wives.

 Here are a few of the findings …

* Role models for dads today are … moms. Dads look for advice from their own mothers and wives — rather than their dads — as a guide on how to be a good father.

* Today’s dads are “soccer dads.” Guys are doing double-duty. They’re doing dad stuff like providing for the family and disciplining the kids. They are also doing “mom” stuff, like being actively involved in the kids’ lives.

 There Are 4 Categories Of Dads:

 1. “Super Dads” — 22% of dads are highly involved and nurturing. They are very confident that they are doing a great job of parenting.

 2. “Struggling Dads” — 30% of dads feel the least prepared for fatherhood. They want to be highly involved and nurturing in their children’s lives, but feel like they just don’t know how.

 3. “Juggling Dads” — 20% of dads want to be highly involved and nurturing in their children’s lives, but feel that they lack the time.

 4. “Traditional Dads” — 27% of dads think dads should be less involved as nurturers and feel confident that they have a handle on their role.

 Top Ten Things You Won’t Hear A Father Say

Can you turn up that music? It really calms my nerves.
You can’t finish your peas? Go ahead and throw ’em away.
Here, you take the remote.
Oh no, kids, this sled is too fast!
No, honey, sit this one out. I really can’t wait to change that diaper.
As a matter of fact, let’s both go get nose rings!
Hey, kids! Sit down at the table and try my vichyssoise.
Go ahead, take my car-and here’s fifty bucks for gas.
Waiter! More ice cream for the little one!
Where do babies come from?


Don’t ask me, ask your mother.
Were you raised in a barn? Close the door.
You didn’t beat me. I let you win.
Big boys don’t cry.
Don’t worry. It’s only blood.
Don’t you know any normal boys?
Now you listen to me, Buster!
I’ll play catch after I read the paper.
Coffee will stunt your growth.
A little dirt never hurt anyone-just wipe it off.
Get your elbows off the table.
I told you, keep your eye on the ball.
Who said life was supposed to be fair.
Always say please and thank you. That way, you get more.
If you forget, you’ll be grounded till the end of the world.
You call that a haircut?
“Hey” is for horses.
This will hurt me a lot more than it hurts you.
Turn off those lights. Do you think I am made of money?
Don’t give me any of your lip, young lady.
You call that noise “music?”
We’re not lost. I’m just not sure where we are.
No, we’re not there yet.
Shake it off. It’s only pain.
When I was your age, I treated my father with respect.
As long as you live under my roof, you’ll live by my rules.
I’ll tell you why. Because I said so. That’s why.
Do what I say, not what I do.
Sit up straight, knucklehead!
So you think you’re smart, do you?
What’s so funny? Wipe that smile off your face.
Young ladies perspire, they do not sweat.
If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times.
C’mon, you throw like a girl.
You want something to do? I’ll give you something to do.
You should visit more often. Your mother worries.
This is your last warning.
Your mother worries.
I’m not sleeping, I was watching that channel.
What keeps those jeans of yours from falling off?
I’m not just talking to hear my own voice!


4 years of age: My daddy can do anything!
8 years of age: My dad knows a lot! A whole lot!
12 years of age: My father doesn t quite know everything.
14 years of age: Naturally, Dad doesn t know that either!
18 years of age: The old man? He’s way out of date!
25 years of age: Well, he might know a little bit about it.
35 years of age: Before we decide, let s get Dad s opinion about it.
60 years of age: Wonder what Dad would have thought about it.
65 years of age: Wish I could talk it over with Dad once more.