Sandra Bullock might star in the “Annie” movie that Will Smith and Jay-Z are working to make happen.

Former Alaska governor and one-time VP candidate Sarah Palin is back with Fox News. Palin will be a contributor on both Fox News and Fox Business Network, starting her run on June 17.

A communications expert says that 7-10 seconds of eye contact is about maximum, before someone starts thinking you’re trying to stare them down.

For the record, the average Google intern earns around $6,000 a month.

It’s said that Apple is considering larger screens for its future phones.

Former CNN morning show host Soledad O’Brien is joining fellow “Today” show alum Bryant Gumbel at HBO’s “Real Sports.”

Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli have finalized their divorce after nearly 11 years of marriage.

Billy Joel has sold his waterfront Miami Beach mansion for $13.75 million.

Robert Pattinson has been named the new face of Dior Homme fragrance.

In NBA news, Jason Kidd has been hired as the new coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

Scientists are excited about finding a sixth layer to the human eye’s cornea. Previously, it was thought that there were only five. [Six layers! Do you realize the importance of this? If so, please explain it to me because I have absolutely no idea.]

GAMERS FOUND TO HAVE BETTER VISION THAN NON-GAMERS _ A recent study (Duke School of Medicine) reports gamers “see the world differently” than non-gamers — the ability of the eyes and brain to track visual movement, which researchers discovered is much more acute amongst those who called themselves “very intensive gamers.”

TWO-FACED KITTEN BORN IN OREGON _ A rare two-faced kitten has been born in Oregon. The animal, named Duecy, has been been given a clean bill of health by a vet, although the kitten will have to be hand-reared after being rejected by its mother. Owner Stephanie Durkee is feeding Deucy using a syringe. She said she did a double take when she discovered the newborn.

MAN STABS BROTHER OVER MISSING MAC AND CHEESE _ A Florida (Deltona) man is accused of stabbing his brother in a fight that started over some missing macaroni and cheese and spilled beer.

IN THEATERS _ This is the End (R, opened Wednesday); Man of Steel (PG-13); Before Midnight (R, goes to wider release)

A new survey had dads rank the three WORST Father’s Day gifts.  They are:  Socks and underwear . . . a tie . . . and FORGETTING, or not giving him anything at all.  The best homemade gifts are photos of the kids, handmade cards and gifts, and just spending time with the family.  The best gifts that cost MONEY are electronics, power tools, and sports gear and equipment.

A real estate blog figured out the most SINFUL CITIES in the U.S., based on stats that correspond to the seven deadly sins.  Like for lust, they looked at strip clubs per capita.  And for greed, they looked at charitable donations.  And the most sinful city in the U.S. is . . . St. Louis.  Followed by Orlando and Minneapolis.  Las Vegas finished tenth. 

Are men the cause of menopause?  Researchers think it evolved to make sure guys mated with younger women. 

A six hour standoff outside a Manhattan apartment on Wednesday finally ended, when police realized the guy wasn’t home.