Hot Trend: The Dad-chelor Party

Why more men are having a “last hurrah” before their babies are born. And the wild ways they’re doing it. Dad-chelor party. Man shower. Dad-to-be’s last hurrah. Whatever you want to call it, guys are doing it. Sure, this new rite of passage isn’t for everyone — in fact, in a survey of users on, one in five women said their guys had been to one of these pre-papa events — but your guy is certainly not alone. Think of it like a bachelor party, part two. Your guy’s life is changing just as much as yours is, so it’s not just an excuse for a little guy time, it’s also a celebration in anticipation of the new baby.

Why guys are doing it
This new trend follows on the heels of babymoons, where expectant couples take a mini vacation as one last romantic trip before their lives become full of diapers, midnight feedings and minivans. Combine this with men celebrating fatherhood later in life. Older baby-free men have more disposable income and more time to take a last-minute weekend trip, sleep in, lounge over the Sunday paper and hang with their friends — and to tell the truth, they’re probably a little freaked out over losing these luxuries when they become dads. Some guys wants one more night of freedom, and maybe just a little bit of attention, since the mom-to-be tends to get a lot during her pregnancy.

What happens at a man shower
These celebrations can be huge blowouts — a trip to Vegas or Mexico — or a simple fishing or golf trip, barbecue or cigar party. It all depends on the guy. We’ve heard the festivities can include a baby bottle beer-drinking contest (really), or even better, the dad-to-be buys a keg and each guy who attends brings his “entry fee” — a pack of diapers — in order to partake. Some women revealed the details of a coworker’s “Diaper Bash” on “They got together at a restaurant where there was a drink special, and each brought diapers and wipes for the soon-to-be father. Food, beer, diapers…they had a blast,” wrote Reygee66. Others mentioned their guys hosting poker parties and golf outings while they enjoyed their own showers. Pinkpigeon wrote, “My SO is planning on going fishing with friends on the day of one of my showers.” We know at least one celeb dad who had a man shower. Kourtney Kardashian’s party-boy boyfriend, Scott Disick, celebrated a night of male bonding in 2009 before the arrival of his son, Mason. His friends Kevin Federline, musician Cisco Adler and rapper Shwayze dined and clubbed at a few Miami hot spots. Supposedly, Federline gave Disick some fatherly advice at the bash. (Yeah, really.)

Gifts (or lack thereof)
We doubt the guys will gather around the dad-to-be while he opens boxes filled with onesies and baby blankets. Instead, most guys will buy him a beer, some diapers or just pay his travel expenses if it’s a trip. For men, it’s less about gifts and more about male bonding.

The caveat
So if your partner’s asking what you think about him having a “dadchelor” party, it’s okay to give his idea your seal of approval. But we would give him one rule: Have it early — as in, at least a month before your due date. You don’t want to go into labor while your guy is out at a bar or, worse, while he’s in another city!