Los Angeles police say Justin Bieber struck a pedestrian (possibly a photographer) with his car in Hollywood, but there was no crime and the injuries aren’t life-threatening.

Ozzy Osbourne has moved back in with wife Sharon after convincing her that he’s been clean from drugs and alcohol for months.

Troubled actress Amanda Bynes is recovering after undergoing more plastic surgery on her nose, that she’s calling a “reconstructive procedure.”

Federal agents searching for the body of former Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa — who went missing back in the 1970s — is now focused on a section of Michigan where they’ve found a “mysterious slab of concrete.”

The granite headstone of 3 time Mayor of New York City Ed Koch has a mistake in it. He had even approved everything about it… but when he died, they accidentally engraved the year he was born as 1942 instead of 1924. It’s being called a grave mistake.

Netflix has signed a deal with Dreamworks who will start providing original animated shows for the video service beginning next year.

Neil Patrick Harris might have to hand himself a Tony someday. He’s set to star in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” on Broadway beginning next spring.

Things are said to be a little testy between Charlie Sheen and his “Anger Management” co-star Selma Blair. Rumor has it that he wants to fire her.

Olympic diver Greg Louganis is now engaged to long-time boyfriend, Johnny Chaillot.

DC Comics has announced a new Superman/Wonder Woman series of comics (where a romance breaks out with the two super heroes).

Kim Kardashian is said to be close to announcing the name of her new baby girl.

MOST WORKERS HATE THEIR JOBS OR ARE CHECKED OUT _ Gallup recently released a new poll about Americans and their jobs which stated that 70 percent of U.S. employees are either “checked out” at work or are “actively disengaged.”

TRACK YOUR BIG MACS _ Want to know where your Chicken McNuggets came from — I mean besides “deep fryer basket #7”? Australian McDonald’s restaurants have a free app that lets people use their iPhones to scan barcodes on specially-packaged products served at the chain to find out where the food originally came from. It also profiles some of the farmers, fisherman and bakers who provide the ingredients.

According to a new survey, ONE out of THREE women who took their husband’s last name say they regret it and wish they’d just stuck with their maiden name.  And one in five women say they regret the name they picked for their kid. 

In Washington, a woman shaved her head to support her sister who has cervical cancer and is going through chemo.  And when the woman showed up to her job as a hairstylist, they FIRED her . . . because they said a bald hairstylist wouldn’t make any sales.  She’s filed harassment and discrimination claims against the salon.

A city in England is trying to get people to pick up their dog poop by hanging up posters that show TODDLERS EATING FECES.  The poster shows a little kid eating dog poop and has the slogan, quote, “Children will put anything in their mouths.”  The city council says they know it’s shocking but they think it will encourage people to actually pick up after their dogs. 

A new online exposé has revealed CAP’N CRUNCH isn’t really a captain . . . he only has THREE stripes on his sleeve, which means he’d be a COMMANDER in the U.S. Navy.  You need four stripes to be a captain.

A bar in Brazil is using a new beer glass that makes people stop texting, and start TALKING to each other.  The glass is missing a piece at the bottom, so you need to slide your phone underneath to keep it standing up.  That means you can either hold your glass and use your phone one-handed . . . or put your drink and phone down and actually talk to people.

HAIRY STOCKINGS TO KEEP PERVERTS AWAY _ Ladies, a new trend has arrived that promises to keep you safe from perverts when you’re out and about. They’re called hairy stockings. Imagine regular stockings loaded with dark, long hair. Slip them on and in seconds you have the legs of a very hairy man.

Here’s a new alarm clock with the ultimate incentive to get you out of bed in the morning. American inventor Rich Olson combined an alarm clock and a paper shredder to create a device that shreds your money if you don’t get up and turn it off. He programmed the alarm clock to tear up a one dollar bill if the user doesn’t turn it off within a few seconds.