You know the economy is bad when men say they would give up sex if it meant they could stay employed. These hypothetical surveys are fascinating, especially when the question is, “What would you choose over sex?” That’s what the online casino RoxyPalace.com asked 700 single and married men, all of whom were employed and between the ages of 21 and 50. Of this group, a resounding 43 percent said they would give up their virility it meant keeping their job and advancing in their career. Inspired by this, The Huffington Post rounded up recent polls, surveys and research projects and listed six things men and women would choose over sex:

1. A better body
68 percent of women would give up sex for a month if it meant they could get a perfect bikini body. (Source: SHAPE and FitSugar Survey, May 2012)

2. Their iPhone
iPhones are addictive, and here’s the proof: 15 percent of men and women said they would give up sex instead of spending just one weekend without their iPhone. (Source: Gazelle, June 2012)

3. A good night’s sleep
We are so tired. If giving up sex would help us to sleep soundly and peacefully through the night, 12 percent of U.S. adults say they would happily embrace celibacy. (Source: Better Sleep Council, May 2012)

4. Facebook
Click the “like” button. Women really, really like Facebook. Twenty percent of women said that given a choice of no sex or no Facebook for one week, they would give up the sex. (Source: Cosmopolitan, October 2011)

5. Internet access
We can’t imagine cutting the cord to the Internet. When asked if they would prefer no sex or no Internet for a full year, 21 percent said they would give up sex. (Source: Boston Consulting Group, May 2012)

6. Their favorite food
We do love to eat! A resounding 75 percent of U.S. adults would give up sex for their favorite food. (Source: Bon Appetit, February 2012)