The Food Network has booted Paula Deen and cancelled her show.

The results of James Gandolfini’s autopsy have confirmed the star died of a heart attack.

Bret Michaels escaped serious injury Friday when his tour bus struck several deer in the road.

Jennifer Lopez was awarded the 2,500th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday.

The Miami Heat’s championship win over the San Antonio Spurs placed it as the second-highest-rated NBA game to air on ABC, with a 17.7, according to Nielsen.

Yes, we all first heard that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had named their new daughter something like Kaidence Donda West. It turns out that’s not true. According to the birth certificate, the baby’s name is North West. Of course it is.

NBC will launch the fall season on September 23 with “The Blacklist” behind a two-hour debut of “The Voice.” The network will also launch “The Michael J. Fox Show” with back-to-back episodes on September 26.

CNN anchor Erin Burnett is pregnant with her first child.

In South Africa, a 2-month old baby had surgery to remove two legs, after it was born with four.

Danielle Bradbery has signed with Taylor Swift’s record label, Big Machine Records.

A new study says that 50% of engaged couples are cancelling their weddings because of finances.

Robert Downey Jr. has signed on for “The Avengers” 2 and 3.

In New Zealand, a shocker, where a 36-year-old woman has given birth to a baby, fathered by an 11-year-old boy.

Jodie Foster has listed her super hidden Hollywood Hills home for $6.3 million.

SNOWDEN PARDON PETITION HITS 100,000 SIGNATURES _ A petition to pardon Edward Snowden has reached its goal of 100,000 signatures. The petition asks that President Obama pardon the NSA leaker and under guidelines 100,000 signatures is supposed to bring an official response from the administration. The petition demands that Snowden be pardoned from any crime he may have committed by releasing confidential information belonging to the NSA and all of its government partners.

TWINKIES TO RETURN TO SHELVES JULY 15 _ Hostess — which went bankrupt last year is back up and running under new owners — says it plans to have Twinkies and other snack cakes back on shelves starting July 15. The company says the cakes will taste the same but that the boxes will now bare the tag line “The Sweetest Comeback In The History Of Ever.”

IRON MAN ROBS BANK _ Customers in a Florida (Flagler County) bank stared in amazement as the branch was robbed by a superhero-costumed bandit. He stood 5-foot-4 and was wearing an Iron Man mask, a tan jumpsuit, tan boots, gloves and a red and black backpack — and brandishing a gun. He didn’t fly off but made his getaway in a compact car. No word on how much he took.

A religious school in Australia put together a pamphlet for teenagers of 101 things you can do instead of having sex.  Some of the suggestions include blowing bubbles in the park . . . looking at clouds to see if they resemble anything . . . cleaning the house to surprise your parents . . . having a water fight . . . and having a burping contest. 

A new survey has once again confirmed what we all knew . . . women REALLY prefer tall men.  63% of women say tall men are SEXIER than short men . . . and 71% say a guy, quote, “wouldn’t stand a chance” if he was under six feet tall.  The survey also found only 45% of men would even WANT to date a taller woman.

According to a new study, the average person spends $406 a month on work-related expenses.  That’s $4,872-a-year . . . or about 10% of the average American salary.  The biggest chunk goes toward commuting, but you’re also spending on lunch, coffee, gifts, clothes, and buying cookies and candy from your coworkers’ kids’. 

Last week, in Florida, a 22-year-old was mixing up some Kool-Aid for him and his disabled 48-year-old dad.  But his dad was criticizing his Kool-Aid making skills, and trying to give him instructions on how to make it correctly.  And it got so heated that the 22-year-old PUNCHED his father in the head.  He was arrested. 

MONSTERS UNIVERSITY WINS BOX OFFICE _ To no one’s surprise, Monsters University was the weekend’s top movie theater draw, but Brad Pitt’s World War Z also had a big opening. Monsters U. made $82 million Friday-Sunday; World War Z made $66 million.