After a 34% drop in sales, Barnes & Noble has announced they’re going to stop making color versions of the Nook.

Marie Osmond is going to become a grandmother for the first time, thanks to her son Stephen.

Jimmel Kimmel is sporting a black eye and a cut on his cheek that took 11 stitches to close. A funny explanation given, but not a real one, yet.

Ann Curry is hosting her first NBC news special tomorrow a year after leaving “The Today Show.”

Looks like Liam Nesson is set to start in “Taken 3.”

An amusement park in Mexico now offers an attraction that takes visitors through a fake United States-Mexico border, complete with fake smugglers and fake border patrol agents.

David Hasselhoff is getting his own comic, “The Hoff.” It debuts next week in London.

A 14,000 square foot Las Vegas mansion, once owned by Liberace, can be yours for just $500,000.

As her TV career falters, sales of Paula Deen’s cookbooks are surging. Meanwhile, Deen was dropped by Wal-Mart and her name was stripped from four buffet restaurants on Wednesday.

ESPN’s annual “Body Issue” will feature a nude photo of 77 year-old golfer Gary Player. [Where’s the Supreme Court ruling on that?]

WHITE HOUSE AND MICHELLE OBAMA JOIN INSTAGRAM _ The White House and First Lady Michelle Obama have joined Instagram. On Wednesday the two accounts were created.

A TWITTER-INSPIRED BEER _ A new beer from UK called #MashTag is the first alcoholic beverage inspired and created by users of social media. Beer company Brew Dog has launched a drink that came out of fan votes to determine everything from its name and style to alcohol count.

If you want to live longer, hit the treadmill. But you only need to stay on it for 15 minutes. Although exercising 30 minutes or more a day is the gold standard for fitness and good health, all it takes is 15 minutes a day — or 92 minutes a week — to increase your expected lifespan by three years, compared with people who are inactive.

“The Voice” Season 5 premiere on NBC will air on Monday, September 23rd. All of the original coaches, Blake Shelton, Adam LevineChristina Aguilera and CeeLo Green, are returning for the fifth season. Shelton recently won his third consecutive season as a coach on “The Voice.” Danielle Bradbery from “Team Blake” was crowned winner of season four.

A woman near Columbus, Ohio was having trouble making ends meet, and decided she couldn’t afford to feed her four-and-a-half-foot pet PYTHON anymore.  So she set it FREE on Sunday. . . in the parking lot of her trailer park.  And she told police she was planning to RUN it over with a LAWN MOWER later on, but it disappeared before she got the chance. 

A new iPhone app called “Heard” lets you record what’s going on around you ALL THE TIME.  Then the audio gets deleted every five minutes unless you save it.  Some people say it’s an invasion of privacy, because if you heard someone say something embarrassing or incriminating, you’d automatically have audio of it.

 A guy in San Diego is facing 13 years in prison and $13,000 in fines . . . for writing on the sidewalk in chalk?