Pierce Brosnan’s daughter, Charlotte, has lost her 3-year battle with ovarian cancer. She was 41 and leaves behind a husband and two kids.

The first reviews have not been kind to “The Lone Ranger.”

Christian Bale says those earlier reports were wrong, he will NOT be returning as “Batman” in any movie in the near future.

The sale of Tully’s Coffee in Seattle has been completed. It is now owned by a group that includes Patrick Dempsey.

Did you know that Cher and Amanda Bynes are feuding on Twitter?

Fred Armisen says he’s officially done with “Saturday Night Live.”

Superman Henry Cavill and the “Big Bang Theory’s” Kaley Cuoco are now an item.

ABC has officially canceled “Happy Endings,” in case you missed that.

Volkswagen is showing off a sporty-looking 2-seater called the XL1 that gets 261 miles per gallon.

Microsoft is said to be working on Smartphones that will detect your mood.

The interest rate on federal student loans doubled to 6.8% from 3.4% on Monday. Thank your congress for that. They only had a year to prevent it.

Season 4 of “The Walking Dead” will begin in October. The date has not been set yet. However, we do have a title for the first episode of the new season: “30 Days Without an Accident.”

Kim Kardashian gave Kanye West a pair of mice for Father’s Day. Apple mice, one autographed by Steve Wozniak, the other signed by Steve Jobs.

A rehab facility has turned down Paris Jackson as a patient, fearing an onslaught of paparazzi.

A special 75th Anniversary edition of “The Wizard of Oz” is coming to Imax theaters.

TNT has renewed “Falling Skies” for its fourth season.

It’s true. Kyra Sedwick chopped off the tip of one of her fingers over the weekend in a kitchen accident. Husband Kevin Bacon was nice enough to take of photo of her at the hospital and tweet it.

A New York Times story finds that the US is by far the world’s most expensive place to give birth. [According to the article, the US is also by far the place where you find obstetricians with the biggest boats.]

NEW CHINESE LAW: VISIT YOUR PARENTS _ A new Chinese national law introduced this week requires the offspring of parents older than 60 to visit their parents “frequently” and make sure their financial and spiritual needs are met.

NEW DATE FOR THE END OF THE WORLD _ Keep digging the backyard shelter.  There’s a new date for the end of the world. It’s now 2000002013. A Scottish researcher (Jack O’Malley-James) says too little carbon dioxide will cause the death of animals and plants. In a billion years, he believes animals and plants will die-off. Then, another billion years after, with the loss of our oceans, Earth becomes even too desolate for even tiny microbes.

RUSSELL CROWE TWITTER HACKED _ Russell Crowe’s Twitter account was apparently hacked early Tuesday when a picture of a naked woman was posted. Crowe, on a family vacation with his children and estranged wife Danielle Spencer, told his followers he had nothing to do with it.

NATHAN’S FAMOUS HOT DOG-EATING CHAMPIONSHIP _ July 4 is the ate of the annual Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog-Eating Championship. Competitors will try to teat the most hot dogs and buns in ten minutes. The Women’s competition starts at 11:30 AM, the men chow down at 12:30 PM. Joey “Jaws” Chestnut who holds the Nathan’s record with 68.

According to a survey by “Travel and Leisure”, the snobbiest city in the United States is San Francisco.  New York City and Boston were second and third, but there WERE some surprises:  Minneapolis was fourth, and Santa Fe was fifth.

According to a new survey, the most annoying thing you can do on Facebook is BRAG.  Two thirds of people have unfriended someone for bragging . . . three in five people have unfriended someone for sappy updates about their relationship . . . and 57% have done it because they never see the person in real life.

For the past few years, some guy has dressed up as Darth Vader, and run one-mile sprints in Death Valley . . . when the temperature is over 120 DEGREES.  This year, his goal was to set a world record for “hottest verified run,” so he started his sprint when the temperature was 129.  He’s still waiting to hear back from Guinness. 

A bank robber in New York was arrested with a to-do list that had “rob bank” on it.

IN THEATERS TODAY _ Despicable Me 2 (PG) and The Lone Ranger (PG-13)