Guys! Advice When Calling Her

Relationship expert Andrea Madison has some advice for guy when they call a woman they’re interested in, or just started dating.

  • Keep conversations short — Whether you are a busy corporate attorney, self-employed or even unemployed, you always want to give her the impression that you lead a full, active life.
  • Leave on a high note — She’ll always remember what you said last. Therefore, before ending a conversation, make an effort to leave on a positive note.
  • Have a purpose to your call — Don’t just call to chitchat. Be armed and ready with a purpose to your call.
  • Be positive — She probably won’t stick around if you’re all about gloom and negativity.
  • Place the call at an appropriate time — Phone calls during working hours are a complete no-no.
  • Leave coherent messages — Don’t leave long, rambling messages on her voice mail.