Now there’s a new study that claims Omega-3 fish oil supplements actually increase your chance of prostate cancer by 70%.

Say it isn’t so! After eight years on “NCIS,” actress Cote de Pablo has announced she’s quitting. She won’t return as a series regular for season 11, which premieres later this year.

“Cougar Town” star Busy Philipps gave birth on July 2 to her second daughter, who joins elder sister Birdie Leigh. The child’s name? Cricket Pearl. That’s right.

Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown is engaged to marry her boyfriend Nick Gordon, who was informally adopted by her mother when he was 12. Now the young couple is set to wed.

Hugh Hefner has bought the crypt next to Marilyn Monroe so he can spend eternity with her.

Randy Travis has now suffered a stroke and had to undergo surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain.

A blood clot in a lung has hospitalized Placido Domingo.

Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina is now engaged to her boyfriend of several years, Nick Gordon.

Ryan Seacrest is close to signing a deal with NBC to host a game show, “Million Second Quiz.”

A massive iceberg, larger than the city of Chicago, broke off of Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier on Monday and is now floating freely in the Amundsen Sea.

Bad boy pitcher John Rocker says that Major League Baseball was better back when everyone was jacked up on steroids.

Rumor has it that Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are going to get married this weekend.

A 30-second Rihanna Budweiser commercial is on its way to a TV near you.

PC sales went down 11% in the 2nd quarter, with tablets getting the blame.

Former “American Idol” contestant Adam Lambert has been added to the cast of “Glee” for next season.

In Portland, Oregon, a man learned a hard lesson about letting his infant daughter play with his Smartphone — while pushing buttons, she somehow managed to buy a 1962 Austin Healey Sprite!

Ryan Reynolds says he would love to have lots of kids with wife Blake Lively… like six?

GO NAKED THIS WEEKEND_ Sunday is International Nude Day.

 New research says that doctors cut the umbilical cord too soon. [My mother didn’t cut mine until my first year of college.]

JUST HOURS AWAY FROM THE TWINKIE _ The Twinkie returns on Monday, and Hostess has set up an official countdown clock on their website. They’ve also started a social networking campaign that encourages people to record a video of their best “cake face,” a look of incredible excitement about the return of the Twinkie. You can check out a wall of videos here.

SHOPLIFTER IDENTIFIED BY FACEBOOK PHOTOS _ In Maine (Cornish) a convenience store owner was told that a lack of evidence would likely mean that a shoplifting case would remain unsolved. So the owner posted surveillance photographs on Facebook and offered a $100 reward for information. After about an hour the store owner began receiving tips, and after three hours the unnamed alleged shoplifter turned himself into police.

BEN AFFLECK IN TALKS TO STAR IN GONE GIRL _ If you haven’t read Gone Girl you know someone who has. Tell them Ben Affleck is in negotiations to star in the film adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s best-selling thriller.

Might want to go fill up the car today! Gasoline is expected to jump 10 to 20 cents per gallon in the next several days, as rising oil prices and peak driving season are working to create a perfect storm for a big jump at the pump

A new study has actually located the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE . . . and it’s in Idaho.  The study looked at which parts of the U.S. are furthest from any major roads, and two of the four most isolated places are in Idaho.  The other two are the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and the lakes in northwest Maine. 

IN THEATERS TODAY _ Pacific Rim (PG-13) and Grown Ups 2 (PG-13)