From color to style, certain fashion choices can make you look older than you are. It’s long been known — although the advice isn’t always heeded — that too much makeup and not updating your hairstyle adds needless years to your look. Yahoo! Fashion warns you shouldn’t wear any of the following clothing items — or it could age you beyond your years.

1. Loose-fitting pencil skirts
A pencil skirt is a wardrobe staple, but it must hug your body and not look frumpy or boxy. The hem should fall right at the knee and the skirt should fit snugly around your hips.

2. Matching shoes, belt and handbag
for decades, women have been told that their shoes, belt and handbag should match, but this fashion “rule” has changed. Instead, create fresh pairings that almost make people do a double-take.

3. Twinsets
if it’s a set, don’t wear it. Why? It lacks imagination. Twin sets belong in the same giveaway box as your mom jeans. Instead, wear a printed shirt with a plain cardigan.

4. Low, chunky heels
We know. You’re wobbly on stilettos. You don’t have to wear high heels to be fashionable, but do avoid chunky heels. Look for kitten heels, wedges or platforms for stability and style.

5. Oversized, tailored men’s shirts
The ’80s called and they want their shirts back. Big shirts give the impression that you’re trying to hide something. Still, if that’s the look you love, choose a tailored and fitted–but still feminine–blouse in a fabric inspired by menswear.